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  • new_releasesDevelopment experiences

    Hey guys,

    This blog will be about my personal experience, the internal tools that we are creating for ourselves and the importance of acquiring the main required functionalities before starting with the creation of an application. We are currently creating a tool that will make it easy for us to create maps with. When I started with the creation of this application I thought I knew the required functionalities, however after a few weeks I doubted certain features and asked the other guys in our team what they thought that this tool should be able to do. In this meeting I concluded that the tool that I had created was not the tool we needed. I am glad that we did this meeting and that the requirements are now fully clear and nothing can stop us now from completing the development of this tool.

    My tips for when you want to create an new application:

    • Know the main required functionalities.
    • Conclude with your teammates that these functionalities are complete. (obviously not needed when you work alone)
    • Add more detail in these requirements during the development, so that changes can easily be applied.

    The question of the week:

    What did ever happen to you while developing an application? And what did you do about it?


    Your opinion, ideas and creativity is highly appreciated! To share your thoughts with us, join our [Discord] for talks, discussions and inside community updates! Just hit the link and you are set to go!

  • receiptSocialize

    Hey everyone!

    This week our picks are Server and Community, starting with the server, the social system to be precise. We want users to be able to play with friends so this is high on our priority list. Creating a social system with real-time functionality is all but easy. Keeping security and performance in mind brings up many difficult decisions to make. One of the problems we had is that we want users to have real-time chat conversations but also be able to have trust in the fact that unauthorized people cannot read these messages. To be able to give a real-time experience we implement a web socket structure. However, we needed to make a system that will prevent unauthorized users to read messages from web sockets. To do this we made a room structure, this will make it possible that only the people in a specific chatroom get the messages. The downside of this implementation is that many different sockets will be open at one time that may result in performance issues. We hope to be able to make this functionality available for public testing as soon as possible.

    Onwards to the community topic. We have created a [Twitter] account, you can follow it for updates on the development and leaving behind your feedback.

    The question of the week:

    Which features do you expect in a social system?

    Your opinion, ideas and creativity is highly appreciated! To share your thoughts with us, join our [Discord] for talks, discussions and inside community updates! Just hit the link and you are set to go!

    That's it for now.

    Enjoy and see you next week!

  • receiptDevelopment continues

    Hello everybody!

    This weeks blog entry is all about what has been going on since last week. It has been a busy week for us and we achieved some great things. Before we dive into the more fun part, let's talk about the structure of the development blog. To keep things clean and tidy, we will divide the blog post in three sections: Client, Server and Community. Every week we would like to pick one or two topics and write a blog about it. We also will ask the readers of this blog a question at the end of the blog, feedback can be given on our [Discord]!

    Client: Everything that is related to the Android, iOS and Windows/Desktop client, pretty much the app that our end users will be holding and playing around with.

    Server: The backend and website, all the fancy stuff that is under the hood and all the visible information on the website.

    Community: That's 'us' and you! Basically, all updates regarding our social media pages, discord channel and even this blog!

    This week our picks are Client and Community, starting off with the Client. We have been working on the basic structure of what our definition is of a 'game'. Shortly, it's the life-cycle of a complete playable game. From starting a game, to ending one and all the different stages in between. Starting from this perspective has given us a lot of thought on which information is actually required to get everything working as we planned out. One of these pieces of information is the 'game board', which will be this weeks topic. A few weeks ago we started with creating a very basic map which was a circle with different tiles. This brought up the idea to include different type of tiles, for example: regular tiles, a start and a finish. Resulting in the following:


    Being different tiles, we also decided that there should be a visible indication to see which tiles are connected. To indicate this, we drawn a dynamic line between connected tiles.

    Continuing from that, it was one of our wishes to introduce dynamic gameplay and we thought it would also be a good thing to tackle this topic right from the start. Therefore we invested time in making it possible to connect more than one tile to another, resulting in a test setup like this:


    As you can see, there are two completely separated paths leading to eventually the start and finishing tile, giving the endless possibility of creating dynamic content, which is one of the things that should provide our game with enough replay value for everybody.

    In the upcoming weeks we are going to extend the possibilities of what a single tile can do. For now we got a short list of the different tiles we would like to implement: on-board events like rewards, punishments and collectables.

    As on-board events is a big topic, it seamlessly overlaps with the community part of this week. We mentioned last week that community is one of our key things to our success. Therefore we would like to hear from our readers, fans and players.

    The question of the week:

    What 'can' happen when a player enters a tile?

    Your opinion, ideas and creativity is highly appreciated! To share your thoughts with us, join our [Discord] for talks, discussions and inside community updates! Just hit the link and you are set to go!

    That's it for now.

    Enjoy and see you next week!

  • receiptFirst Blog!

    Hello everybody!

    It's glad to have your interest and welcome to the first entry of our development blog for our game. We will update you with the latest goin-ons regarding PRT Studios and our first, and debut project: PRT-Y!

    This week we will tell you some general information about us, the studio name and the game. So let's get started!

    We are three enthusiastic (mobile) developers located in the Netherlands, who all share the same passion for gaming and mobile development. The goal is to translate our passion into games for you to enjoy. We also would like to take the opportunity of the development of our games to get more familiar with mobile game development.

    So why PRT Studios? Well.. That's a quite straight forward question to answer PRT is the combination of the first letters of our first names, Patrick, Rik and Tim. Shortly PRT. With PRT Studios we are aiming to bring games which are accessible to every age to your mobile devices. Our vision is that nobody is ever too old to play a game.

    Our first project is named PRT-Y. (Which is still a working title name at this point, but quite catchy, isn't it?) A multiplayer party game for your mobile device! We aim to bring out elements such as mini-games, RPG elements and multiplayer capabilities for both iOS and Android, while keeping the game fair for every kind of player.

    As PRT-Y is the first game we are working on, we are aiming to create a game with the community in mind. As this is no easy task, we are very eager to invest a part of our time to create a fun and supportive community which we actively interact and update with during our development process.

    We are planning to do this by writing devblogs and casting development streams. We will also have a shiny discord server and social media pages for our supporters to hang out and catch our updates. We think community is an essential thing and therefore your feedback and support will be valuable to us. Your support and feedback will be one of the key elements to our success!

    That's it for now. Next week we will start with some real information about the development.

    Stay tuned!

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